Winegarden Music Is Coming

About Michael

Michael is an author, teacher and speaker. An expert in Personal Development and EFT, his passion and energy is infectious. He never allowed being totally blind and over half deaf stop him from achieving his dreams and teaching others to do the same.


Hello Michael here.


Like everyone else, I have a story. I was quite successful in my career and had my family and a lot of toys. After many years my wife and I decided to end our relationship. No big fight or anything just something we’ve talked about over the years. We wanted our sons to be older and better able to handle it.

I had also been developing a new disability in both my hands that meant I’d soon have to stop working. This is due to my being blind and the way I had to use the computer at work. I simply wore out both my thumbs. The pain was getting worse and worse. There was and is no treatment for this.


So here is what happened. I crashed in a big way. I lost everything I was. I was no longer a husband, not much of a dad since the kids lived several hours away, not even an employee. I lost all I was, my identity and roles were gone. I decided that maybe life really wasn’t worth living anymore. I chose to make all the arrangements and end it.

I was making arrangements for about a week or so. I found a level of calm I hadn’t felt in a long time. It was nearing time.

I was sitting back in my chair listening to some smooth jazz one evening. The volume was very loud. I couldn’t have heard the phone ring beside me or anything else for that matter. Then it happened. My decease Uncle Ken who I was quite close to came to me in some way. I heard his voice. He told me again what he told me the last time I hugged him. He said, “you will do amazing things.” I thought about that over the years after he said this to me. I didn’t feel like I did anything amazing. I had a good run with jobs and some good friends but I didn’t think that was amazing even though I had the added issues of being blind and mostly deaf.

Then I heard a lot of other people I knew over the years. “Michael you are amazing.”

“How do you do all the things you can do when you can’t see.”

On and on it went. Amazing? No, I just did the best I could. I had some great mentors along the way. I had read a lot of good books. I worked hard.

Well these voices kept going through my head and heart. Finally Uncle Ken came back. I could feel him in me. I felt his love. He told me I had to give it one more honest try.

I stayed still for a long time. I just let the music roll over me again. I started seeing titles of programs and books going through my mind. Books I had read, books I haven’t gotten to yet. Programs I bought and applied them at a low level or at best only some of the time. I knew I was free to choose. I was free to choose to live or not. I would try one more time.

I gave it all I had. I re-read the books I had. I read more books. In books I knew I could find the knowledge I was after. I knew I could be “amazing”. I was on my own for the most part. I could choose to make it or break it. I fell asleep then. I woke and started in on organizing the books I had on my computer in to a folder and so on. I began studying and applying my knowledge. I began to see two things. I was making a bit of a difference slowly. I had so much more to learn. I needed new mentors. The old saying when the student is ready the teacher will appear. I was ready and I was showing it. Teachers appeared. Even this web building platform appeared. I wasn’t able to have control over a website until now.

I came back to life for my purpose. My purpose is simple. I will teach people how to live an Extraordinary Life. If I’m told something often enough I have to get it through my thick head that I am a role model. I did things that a lot of people I know who can see and had no disability couldn’t do. The career I had for one thing.

Five decades I lived. I still have some decades ahead of me. This is lots of time to help millions of people. I have learned and will continue to learn how to do so. I will live not just for me but for you.

I owe it all to my beloved Uncle Ken and so many others for reaching me in time.


I hope you choose to spread happiness and love where ever you go and enjoy an Extraordinary Life.


With love